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As we prepare for the Thanksgiving feast it is always a solemn reminder that many people are not as fortunate and a hot meal or paying an electric bill is beyond their normal means. Meridian Township is blessed to offer an assistance program to those in need. The “Community Resource Needs Fund” is overseen by […]

A behind the scenes tour of the MSU athletic facilities and leadership training provided the Meridian Township Leadership Team with a unique opportunity. Annually, the team takes some time outside of the office to build upon healthy and effective communications, positive team culture, and enhanced interpersonal relationships. This year, our team building day taught us […]

Today, Meridian Township received a $76,830.80 check for Meridian’s ice storm cleanup efforts. This check exemplifies the great work done by our team through the ice storm and follow through as well.  With less than a weeks’ notice, the Meridian team gathered and submitted all the necessary details to the Michigan State Police, Emergency Management and Homeland […]

One of Meridian Township’s top priorities is to get to know the people of Meridian. The Meridian Team tries to build a strong connection between the employees and the residents to create a more cohesive team, and in turn; better community. Our team has shown that through our crisis communication efforts with the ice storm, […]

It is of utmost importance that the safety and welfare of our firefighters is taken seriously and that we take action to ensure they are safe so they can continue to service the needs of our residents. Last week, the Fire Chief and I took a tour of the rapidly deteriorating Central Fire Station.  This week, […]

Dear Meridian Township Residents, We continue to make great progress in working with Consumers Energy, Lansing Board of Water and Light, Meridian Township Police and Fire Departments and Haslett High School to restore power and provide safe neighborhoods during the 2013 Ice Crisis. If you know of any residents who remain in the dark please […]

Dear Meridian Township Residents, The ice storm has created havoc over the holiday season and I want to thank the Meridian Township Board and our Staff for all they have done to step up to plate in answering the call to one of the worst ice storms in Meridian’s history. I want to share with […]


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