brush on sidewalkDear Meridian Township Residents,

We continue to make great progress in working with Consumers Energy, Lansing Board of Water and Light, Meridian Township Police and Fire Departments and Haslett High School to restore power and provide safe neighborhoods during the 2013 Ice Crisis.

If you know of any residents who remain in the dark please have them contact my office Monday morning at 517-853-4258. We understand progress was made late this afternoon around Grand River and Hagadorn. Also, our staff reported that the Benson Hills Apartments secured power late this morning.

This evening our police officers will complete a thorough review of the entire township to look for pockets of neighborhoods that still may be without power. Please leave your porch light on tonight to help our officers easily detect which homes have power.

The warming shelter is still open at Haslett High School.

Our priorities at this time are:

1-make sure every Meridian Township home and business have power

2-maintain strong police patrols in those neighborhoods that are dark

3-maintain the warming shelter until the last customer can go home to a warm house

4-begin to implement a free brush clean up program for Meridian Township residents

5-begin to clear our 70 miles of pathways in time for the reopening of our schools on January 6

One thing that this powerful storm has done is to bring out the wonderful attributes of our community, elected officials, township staff and those sworn to protect us.

We will be aggressive in our efforts to restore the community and allow our 40,912 residents to make plans for a healthy and peaceful 2014.


Frank Walsh
Township Manager



Dear Meridian Township Residents,

Meridian Police answering Ice Storm Emergency
Meridian Police answering Ice Storm Emergency

The ice storm has created havoc over the holiday season and I want to thank the Meridian Township Board and our Staff for all they have done to step up to plate in answering the call to one of the worst ice storms in Meridian’s history. I want to share with you some of the efforts our staff has made to ensure the safety and welfare of our residents. Not only has Consumers Energy called in over 1,000 workers from out of state to address the power outages, but Meridian Township staff members have worked countless hours through the holidays to serve Meridian residents during the storm and through the aftermath.

Since Sunday, we have created a warming shelter to serve as a mini motel complete with showers and   food served by our team members. The Meridian Police Department Team have staffed the warming shelter 24/7 as a safety precaution for our residents. They have also increased focused police patrols in the neighborhoods that remain dark including calling in extra police and fire to handle the aberration in daily call volume. The Ingham County Road Department quickly placed stop signs in appropriate areas where signals where out and our police directed traffic where needed.  Our Police Team also answered to calls of downed wires and branches marking necessary areas with police tape.

FIRE on Scene
Meridian Fire answering Ice Storm Emergency

Emergency staff have been making periodic visits to large apartments and senior citizen complexes to check on our vulnerable citizens including offering transport to our most vulnerable to the warming shelter. Our Fire Department Team have been going out and doing well being checks as calls come in from concerned people about their loved ones including recontacting the caller or letting the person being checked on use a phone to call them directly. Medical equipment has been given to people to get them by until they can be resupplied.

Emergency Communications Press Conference
Emergency Communications Press Conference

Our Communications Department Team continues to work with administration and police and fire to bring safety tips, awareness, and updates to our residents through blogs, social media, the Meridian Township website, and emails. I have been and will continue to be in daily contact with the power providers to make sure Meridian Township is responded to.

brush on sidewalk
Meridian Township will facilitate a community wide brush pick up program

We are establishing a quick and decisive response to handle the plethora of brush and tree limbs. To the extent possible and with your help, Meridian Township will be facilitating some curbside pick up of fallen branches less than 4 feet long and 4 inches in diameter beginning the first week of January. Details will be posted on the Meridian Township website Monday, December 30th. Brush and limbs are to be placed between the sidewalk and road.

Thank you for your patience and we will not rest until Meridian residents are with power.

Frank Walsh
Meridian Township Manager


Dear Meridian Township Residents,

According to the Lansing Board of Water and Light and Consumers Energy we have around 700-900 customers without power. We continue to hope that everyone is restored by Sunday night. Monday morning the township will assess neighborhood by neighborhood to make sure everyone has power.

We certainly realize how traumatic this ice storm has been and we will quickly move into the next phase of brush and limb clean up.

We are workibrush2ng on the details this weekend but rest assured the Meridian Township Board is establishing a program that will assist property owners with brush removal. For now please stack your brush by the street and we will remove the brush over the next few weeks. With the volume of brush around the community we expect the clean up to take 5-6 weeks.

We will continue to do what it takes to join hands and get through this crisis.

The Haslett High School Warming Center remains in operation. Last night we had 19 citizens spend the night at the center. We appreciate the many members of our business community who have stepped up to provide food at the high school.

We will continue to provide daily updates until the last light is on and the brush is removed.

Thank you for your continued patience.

Frank Walsh
Meridian Township Manager

Ice Storm in Meridian Township Update #5

Haslett High School Warming Center
5450 Marsh Rd, Haslett, MI 48840

Dear Meridian Township Residents,

Needless to say this past week has been quite a challenge for a great number of our residents and our township team members who have worked around-the-clock to protect us. I want to personally thank our exemplary fire, police and public works staff who have served beyond the call of duty.

I just spoke with Consumers Energy staff and the number of Meridian Township residents without power is now approximately 1,000. Just three days ago we had 15,000 to 18,000 residents without power. I realize what a challenge this has been, and continues to be, for many of you. Please know the Meridian Township Board and staff are committed to staying on top of the outage until all the lights are on.

I’d be remiss if I did not publicly thank the thousands of line workers from Michigan and throughout the Midwest who have left their families at Christmas to help us.

The warming center at Haslett HS remains open. We have cots, water, food and plenty of goodwill. Please do not hesitate to join us.

Thank you for your patience.
Frank Walsh
Meridian Township Manager

Meridian Answers Call to Ice Storm

Frank Walsh
Township Manager



Dear Meridian Township Residents,

The Meridian Township TEAM is very concerned for the residents of Meridian Township and the havoc that the ice storm has declared  on  many of the families. We expect residents to be without power for up to 5-6 more days depending on the weather forecast. We are  declaring  a State of Emergency as the high sustained winds forecasted for Wednesday, combined with the ice, will only lead to more  power  outages. Our Emergency Manager (Chief Cowper) is returning from his vacation to assist in the emergency response.

This morning the Meridian Township TEAM met to discuss our next step in dealing with the ice crisis that has gripped the Greater  Lansing area. Over the weekend we worked with the Haslett Public School system and opened a WARMING CENTER at HASLETT HIGH SCHOOL at 11am. The center will be open 24/7 until further notice. We are providing water and some snacks for our residents. Consumers Energy estimates more than 20,000 customers are without power in in their service area and Lansing Board of Water and Light estimate up to 35,000 customers without power in their service area. We will continue to further our efforts to help our most vulnerable residents.

Haslett High School
Haslett High School courtesy Lansing State Journal

We are also working with the Meridian Township Board to develop a plan of action to address the vast amount of branches and limbs throughout our neighborhoods. I appreciate the swift response from our Township Board and our very capable Management Team.

We are here to serve you. Our staff will continue to work around the clock for the safety of your families. Please continue to check the Meridian Township website for updates www.meridian.mi.us  

Residents are reminded that they can stay warm during the day at Meijer, Meridian Mall, Kohls, Target, and other shopping areas during the day during regular business hours. We want to make sure that our residents know there is a place of shelter for them.


Frank Walsh, Meridian Township Manager