brush on sidewalkDear Meridian Township Residents,

We continue to make great progress in working with Consumers Energy, Lansing Board of Water and Light, Meridian Township Police and Fire Departments and Haslett High School to restore power and provide safe neighborhoods during the 2013 Ice Crisis.

If you know of any residents who remain in the dark please have them contact my office Monday morning at 517-853-4258. We understand progress was made late this afternoon around Grand River and Hagadorn. Also, our staff reported that the Benson Hills Apartments secured power late this morning.

This evening our police officers will complete a thorough review of the entire township to look for pockets of neighborhoods that still may be without power. Please leave your porch light on tonight to help our officers easily detect which homes have power.

The warming shelter is still open at Haslett High School.

Our priorities at this time are:

1-make sure every Meridian Township home and business have power

2-maintain strong police patrols in those neighborhoods that are dark

3-maintain the warming shelter until the last customer can go home to a warm house

4-begin to implement a free brush clean up program for Meridian Township residents

5-begin to clear our 70 miles of pathways in time for the reopening of our schools on January 6

One thing that this powerful storm has done is to bring out the wonderful attributes of our community, elected officials, township staff and those sworn to protect us.

We will be aggressive in our efforts to restore the community and allow our 40,912 residents to make plans for a healthy and peaceful 2014.


Frank Walsh
Township Manager


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