Keeping Meridian Firefighters Safe

Central Fire StationIt is of utmost importance that the safety and welfare of our firefighters is taken seriously and that we take action to ensure they are safe so they can continue to service the needs of our residents. Last week, the Fire Chief and I took a tour of the rapidly deteriorating Central Fire Station.  This week, those conditions have worsened and continue to worsen each day. The age of the building, the state of disrepair, and the health risks are not worth keeping this building open.

We simply cannot allow our professional firefighters to reside in such deplorable conditions. Whether or not the township builds a new station is clearly in the hands of the Township Board. Our focus is in providing our firefighters a safe, humane and pleasant work environment. Therefore, Chief Cowper and myself will be working on a temporary location for our firefighters close to the existing fire station so that we can maintain adequate response times.

We are not going to abandon the central portion of the township. We are concerned with response times given the railroad tracks that separate the north station from the Central service area. Setting up a makeshift station will alleviate those concerns.

The Central Station has seen its last days. We can no longer subject our firefighters to the falling tiles, water damage, mold and deplorable conditions. We are better than that. We will work towards the betterment of our firefighters and our residents. On Thursday, February 13th at 10am, we will address the public and the media at the Clinton street location. Media are invited on a tour of the conditions of the building.


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