Community Leaders

One of Meridian Township’s top priorities is to get to know the people of Meridian. The Meridian Team tries to build a strong connection between the employees and the residents to

The community comes together for the Sugar Maple Tree Dedication.
The community comes together for the Sugar Maple Tree Dedication.

create a more cohesive team, and in turn; better community. Our team has shown that through our crisis communication efforts with the ice storm, many meetings with Autumn Park to resolve differences with the fire station relocation, and individual meetings with residents, businesses, and organizations.

We’ve also started Meridian Leadership Group (MLG) meetings which connect our boards and commissions with our department staff. The MLG is working out to be a great avenue for our appointed board and commission members to get to know each other and learn about the mission of each body. Today’s presentation on the CRC (Community Resource Commission) was well received and drew much praise.

On August 16th at Meridian Sun, the CRC will be hosting their annual Golf Outing Fundraiser to raise emergency needs funding for the 13.8% Meridian Township residents living in poverty. This is an important program and one of the many programs Meridian Township provides its residents; helping make Meridian unique. This fun and worthy event is one more way in which the Meridian Team connects with Meridian residents for a better community.