Ice Storm Reimbursement Exemplifies the Meridian Team

Ingham County checkToday, Meridian Township received a $76,830.80 check for Meridian’s ice storm cleanup efforts. This check exemplifies the great work done by our team through the ice storm and follow through as well.  With less than a weeks’ notice, the Meridian team gathered and submitted all the necessary details to the Michigan State Police, Emergency Management and Homeland Security Division who reviewed the submissions necessary to distribute appropriations from the state. This money being appropriated to Meridian is in support of the brush pick-up program, provisions at the warming shelter, snow removal, and more.

Receiving 7.7% of the entire $1,000,000 statewide appropriations and receiving 36% of the total funds committed to Ingham County municipalities is testament to the state recognizing that effort. Residents can take pride in knowing that this check is a representation of the care that the Meridian team continues to provide the community and its members.

The entire township brush pick-up program will end up costing Meridian only around $87,000, cutting our ice storm efforts almost in half and allowing us to invest in other areas for our community. This reimbursement couldn’t come a better time as we look at our budget and the ability to provide quality public services and our continued effort to make Meridian a Community of Choice.

I want to offer special acknowledgement to the Meridian Township Board for their leadership in offering the township wide storm brush pick up program and to our staff who set aside the holiday season to SERVE our community.


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