Meridian & MSU: A Winning Combination

A behind the scenes tour of the MSU athletic facilities and leadership training provided the Meridian Township Leadership Team with a unique opportunity.

Everyone is behind these victories - MSU Breslin Center
Everyone is behind these victories – MSU Breslin Center

Annually, the team takes some time outside of the office to build upon healthy and effective communications, positive team culture, and enhanced interpersonal relationships. This year, our team building day taught us how Spartan Pride is a core component behind the mission statement of the athletic department. At its core, Spartan Pride bleeds green through each student athlete, each coach, athletic director, and all of the players that make MSU Athletics exude how everything and everyone matters.

As our team is about to gather for a 2015 goal setting meeting, some of the key ‘take aways’ we also build upon here at Meridian Township is that at the core of what we do is everything and everyone. Everything matters. We have that same philosophy at Meridian Township and we proudly get to go into the office each day and represent the residents in Meridian; following our processes and doing our best to make the most for every resident.

We thank our residents for being part of our team and invite you to our 2015 goal setting meeting on Thursday, November 13th at 10am in the Municipal Town hall room.

Team photo with sparty


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