New Meridian Projects for 2015

We’re excited about the projects that we have coming up for residents in 2015.

Towner Park Phase 1

The Meridian Township Board worked diligently with the Meridian Team to put together a list of goals and objectives that will bring some long standing projects to completion. The new pedestrian pathway bridge is being built right now on Okemos Road by Wonch Park crossing over the Red Cedar. Being able to provide and support a safe, walkable community into our downtown areas is much anticipated this spring.

We will also see updates and redevelopments to some of our parks and play structures, a new Central Fire Station and enhancements to our business districts. The year 2014 proved how much residents appreciate and utilize the services we provide, the parks we play in and visit, local establishments, and township wide special events. 2015 will bring those opportunities back and so much more.

Rendering of the New Central Fire Station

We’ve brought in the New Year with new businesses opening their doors and we expect to see Whole Foods open this fall. We hope you share in our excitement of the many things to come in 2015 and we invite you to take part in opportunities to get involved and enjoy all that is Meridian. We hope you enjoy reading Meridian’s 2015 Goals.


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