Meridian Welcomes Open Doors of Opportunity

Welcoming Doggy Daycare
Welcoming Doggy Daycare to Meridian

I remember my first job when I was 10 years old. For three summers in a row, I worked at Gee Farms in Stockbridge picking green beans. This job really taught me the value of hard work. The more beans you picked, the more money you made. My second job as a Dishwasher at Bill Knapps taught me the value of good customer service and loyalty to the company. I worked there for 9 years throughout high school and college and it was more than the free birthday cake that kept me there, it was a love for the company and work ethic development.

As we welcome new businesses that open their doors in Meridian Township, I’m not only thankful for their business, but I’m also thankful for the job opportunities I’ve had, my career, and the transitions in my life. We couldn’t be more proud to have a lot of new opportunities in Meridian Township for employment. This month alone, we welcomed over 150 new employees with the grand opening of Gordmans at Meridian Mall, MSUFCU at Meridian Crossing on Jolly Road, and Doggy Daycare and Spa at Jolly and Grand River. With Aldi and Whole Foods under construction right now, we look forward to welcoming even more employees to the area.

The strength of our community is in the foundation of the people that live here, work here, and recreate here. As businesses continue to make Meridian their community of choice, we encourage the people who make us great, to continue to choose Meridian as their community of choice.


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