Serving Community members: Tax Taxi Assistance

21288088382_6f130d16d3_oDue to the many days of rainfall we’ve had, the reconstruction of our municipal parking lot project has fallen behind schedule. The high level of accumulation we’ve experienced has caused failing drainage structures and poor soil conditions, putting us further behind.

The staff at Meridian Township recognized and sincerely appreciates the patience we’ve received from community members and visitors as we work to improve our facilities.

While our goal for completion of the parking lot by tax day on Monday, September 14 will not be met, the heavy rains have put us behind. We are not deterred and we empathize with our visitors to our complex during this time. As tax day nears, we are putting our best foot forward to accommodate our visitors while our parking lot is still under construction.

This week our team initiated a plan to provide exemplary customer service to our taxpayers who are without the use of our main municipal parking lot. Thanks to team leadership, Meridian has not only provided a mobile tax payment drop box, but also a temporary tax station. We also started offering a courtesy door to door golf cart shuttle service. We especially want to ensure our elderly and disabled taxpayers are assisted during this time. In addition, more prominent signs are being placed to provide directions due to the Central Park Drive closure.

Paying a visit to the mobile site this morning, taxpayers I talked to stated they are truly thrilled with the township’s assistance. I thank you for your patience and if you pay us a visit, please thank our volunteer Tax Taxi Drivers.


The entrance to the township building is off of Marsh Road. The Central Park entrance is closed until construction is complete.

The new LED lights are being installed and we hope to have the lot completed by the end of next week.


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