Teamwork Matters

MSU March Madness
Staff Supporting MSU for March Madness 2016

Reflecting back on 2015 I recall many instances where our team members went Above and Beyond the day-to-day job duties. There are too many examples to mention each one, but there are a few that fully express how the entire team came together with a positive attitude and positive leadership.

I recall when our parking lot was being renovated due to poor soil conditions and the project went on for several weeks. During the same timeframe in mid-September came tax week. The parking lot was a mess and hundreds of residents were coming in to pay their taxes. I never heard one complaint from residents or staff about parking off-site. Our TEAM responded with a mobile payment center and a TAX-TAXI to bring our residents to the building. Everyone kept a positive attitude.

This a great example of Above and Beyond.

With the closure of the Central Fire Station came the temporary station at the service center. It took exemplary cooperation between the parks, public works and fire departments to set up a temporary fire station. Through the efforts of many, our fire department thrived at the new location with a positive attitude from everyone involved.

When the MDNR called in May to tell us we were the first community in Michigan to have a deer test positive for Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) our TEAM exhibited unparalleled leadership in handling the crisis. Our collective efforts led to the MDNR presenting us with a statewide award for our “Community Leadership and Partnership”.

Staff handled over 2,000 service requests in 2015. Staff listened and helped find solutions to those requests. Out of those 2,000 requests, over 99% were settled favorably. That is an amazing feat.

The Township Board and I appreciate the Meridian Township staff’s continued commitment to excellence. To show our appreciation we will be closed on Good Friday to allow our TEAM to extend the Easter Weekend break.

Leadership and positive attitudes do matter.


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